There are some days when life goes just the way you wanted or planned.

You get up when the alarm goes off.
You spend quality time connecting with God.
Your kids follow your every instruction.
You beat the traffic to work and get a jump-start on your day.

Then, there are others that are just stinkin hard. It feels like no matter what you do there is a fight to get anywhere or do anything.

I love James 1:2 in the Bible, “When trouble comes your way, consider it an opportunity for joy.” The last part isn’t the easiest to hear, but the first part is comforting because no matter who we are troubles will come our way. No one is exempt.

The variable is our response.

We can respond in one of two ways:

1. Defense
Like a good football, basketball, (insert favorite sporting event here), defense is necessary. But a team that spends an entire game in defense mode will never get a chance to score much less have a shot at winning the game.

2. Offense
In staying with the sports analogy, offense is the desirable position to be on. A team that stays on offense has a higher chance of scoring and a better chance of winning.

When life is hard or when difficulties come we can either respond defensively or offensively.

When life throws us a curve ball we can throw up our hands, protect ourselves, and get out of the situation as fast as possible.
We can use the opportunity to learn something, look around and see how it might impact others, and let it drive us closer to God.

Defense may get us threw unscathed, but offense will bring us through victorious and with more confidence for the next trial that may be waiting around the corner.

Life is hard. Life hurts.
But I would much rather rise up and take it on than sit back and let it overtake me.

It may be harder. It may even be dangerous. It may mean I have to work- and work hard.
But my comfort doesn’t compare.

In Jesus we have everything we need to respond offensively and with great joy. When I think of it this way I get a little excited for the opportunity.

“Consider it an opportunity for joy.”

What difficulties are you facing today? How can you respond offensively?


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  • Ninerfanmike

    Mandy… Well thought out… Did you write this from scratch? Everything mention above seems really true? Thanks for sharing….

    • lol, I did! That’s the stuff that rolls around in my head while I take care of the kids all day. 🙂