These are 2 words that keep flashing in my mind for 2009. At the beginning of each year I take some time to seek God and see what area of my life I should focus on and improve. Growing and learning new things is a big deal to me. I feel like if I’m not growing in some area of my life then something is off, and I’m not fulfilling God’s purpose in my life.

Why productivity?
Who doesn’t want to be better managers of family, time, money, relationships, etc.? I feel challenged to kick it up a notch this year. One of my down falls is multi-tasking too much at once. I want to focus more energy on less things, so that I can see more results rather than being frustrated by being spread too thin- for me this is more of a problem in my mind and emotions than in my tasks.

Why health?
I’d rather be proactive not reactive. I don’t want to wait till there’s a problem in my life to deal with something that I know will cause the problem. Whether it be physical health, family health, or relational health, I really believe that no matter how productive I am in life- if I’m not healthy in doing it, then it doesn’t count for a whole lot. Being productive at the expense of my own health, my family, or friends isn’t what, I believe, God desires for my life. It usually takes years of bad eating habits before cancer, heart disease, etc to set in. It takes years of worry, stress, bad time management, poor communication, etc. for marriage and families to fall apart. Years of bad habits take years to fix. I’d rather focus and learn now (maybe before I’m 30!) how to live a healthy life so that my life as a whole will be more productive.

2009, here we go!

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