The best word to describe 2009- Unpredictable.

When 2009 started, the only thing I was certain of was God was with us- everything else was a little foggy.  We had only been living in the Bay area for a few months and was still trying to figure this place out.  South Bay Church had yet to launch weekly services, and though we were confident that God was building his Church, we had yet to see the fruit of the vision. 

When 2009 started I felt insecure about what I was supposed to be doing.  I felt behind in everything- like I was constantly playing “catch up” .  I was working through where I fit in, balancing my role as a wife & mom with my gifts and passion for leading, small groups, and writing. 

When 2009 started, nothing was certain, anything was possible.  The unknown can be scary, but the one thing I knew- God is faithful and would be with us no matter what was ahead of us.  Sitting here (at Starbucks), looking back over the year, I’m amazed at all that has taken place. 

2009 Highlights
– South Bay Church launched February 8th
– Small Groups started- My personal favorite in ministry.
– Catalyst West- I love leadership environments- plus Disneyland was an added bonus!
– Baby Surprise!  Not expected, but excited for our family as we head into 2010 (at 36 weeks prego!)
– Mom Confidence- This past fall I finally felt more confidence in how I managed our home and family schedule.  I still have a looong way to go, but it was a good start!
– Writing- In all the years (since 2003) I’ve been trying to focus on writing, this year I’ve learned the most and had more opportunities than ever before.  I’ve also received positive feedback about how something I’ve written has impacted someone else.      

As 2010 begins, there are new uncertainties and expectations, new goals and areas for improvement, new challenges and commitments to make.  I’m excited to get started!  

How about you?  What were your highlights of 2009?

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