About a month ago I felt incredibly overwhelmed.  For a couple of days I couldn’t figure out exactly why.  It could have just been the stress of the daily schedule or just some stuff going through my mind.

One night I went to bed early hoping to get a little reading in.  I went to grab a book from the stack and it suddenly hit me why I’d been so overwhelmed.  There were way too many books I had accumulated and couldn’t figure out where to start- I wanted to read them all!  They were all very different books, but something about each one of them had captured me in one way or another.

I picked each one up and read the first couple pages of each to figure out which I would start on first.  I finally got into one and my stress faded.

I settled on Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’m a huge Malcolm fan- his books have such interesting stories.  I finished it the other day and loved it.

Then, the other day I started on Susan Isaac’s book, Angry Conversations with God.  So far so good.

How about you?

What are you reading?  Anything interesting?