That’s my writing goal.

Whether the 300 is for my story, my blog, my journal, or all of the above, getting the words out is the first step, and dare I say, the hardest.  Rewriting and refining, well, that’s the easy part.  But you can’t rewrite a blank page.

I used to think I could organize everything in my head, and then when I found the time (like I was going to stumble upon it accidentally) eloquent words would begin flowing from my head onto paper (or the computer screen).  Ha.  Who was I fooling?  Only myself.

Whenever I finally sit down and start writing, I am amazed at the direction it takes.  The simple becomes complex, the complex simple.  It’s a strange phenomenon, but one that I’ve learned over and over as I sit down and start writing.

Why 300?  I don’t think there’s anything magical about 300, but it seems to be just enough to get you through the “barrier”.  The barrier that holds you back, keeps you paralyzed, and reminds you of the pile of clothes that need folding.  Many days the 300 can easily turn into 600, but other days I can barely get 10 words down- and the 10 that get down are horrible to look at.

Thankfully, each day starts fresh.  So no matter how bad one day is, there is more hope for tomorrow.  What was rough writing one day turns into something beautiful the next.

Getting 300 words out a day isn’t easy, and I don’t always make it.  I’ve had to shift my schedule and adjust my priorities.  Since I’ve made this goal, I’ve probably averaged 5 days out of 7.  It’s not perfect, but it’s better than before I had a goal.

Are you a writer?  Do you have any writing goals?  

*Note:  While writing this post, I only got out of my chair twice.  Once to get a snack for my kids, and once to fold the towels that were haunting me. 🙂