Things have been pretty hectic around here as we are making all the necessary preparations for our first preview service- November 16th. A preview service is a public worship service much like a typical church service with a praise and worship element along with a Gospel message presentation.
Our monthly preview service will be followed by a comeback event that will help those that come connect with one another.

Starting monthly will allow us the time and energy to focus on creating an infrastructure necessary for church growth (volunteers, children’s ministry, etc.). We will have three monthly preview services that lead up to our official launch as a church- February 8th.

Our services will be held in the Don Callejon Elementary School in the city of Santa Clara- our top choice in locations. The school is in the center of our target region. The fee is a little pricey, but we feel that it is a worthy cost for being in the right location. Mailers are being sent out to 30,000 residents in the zip codes immediately surrounding the school. The message is titled “Vintage Jesus for Everyday Life”.

Having assistance from our launch team and partner churches will be key in running the service smoothly and effectively. A team from Rush Creek Church in Texas will be providing us with volunteers to assist in the different hospitality and children’s ministry areas for that Sunday, as well as, Crossroads Community Church in Fremont, our local sponsor church. We are so grateful for their support as we couldn’t do any of this without them!

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