I’ve always like the idea of memorizing Scripture, and I’ll occasionally carry around 3×5 notecards of verses or tape them to mirrors, dashboards, etc to feel like I am, but really I’m not. I don’t focus on really memorizing- and retaining the info, I just mainly carry it for reference. (Which isn’t bad, just not the same as memorizing!)

But as I’m going through Beth Moore’s study, James, I’m learning there’s a huge difference between having Scripture on a card in front of you and having it in your mind and in your heart.

Currently, I’m a few verses short of having chapter 1 down. Here’s what I’ve learned through the experience so far:

  • I really CAN do it.
  • I really can do it and even ENJOY it. It’s the least bit burdensome.
  • My thought life is much more honoring to God.
  • As I focus on Scripture throughout the day, it changes how I look at my situations- my joys & my sorrows.
  • The more I memorize, the more I want to memorize. It’s a snowball effect- the more TRUTH you grab a hold of, the more of it you want.

Maybe you’re an easy memorizer, or maybe you’ve never really been a fan. But from someone who was NOT a fan to a recent convert I must say it is incredible.

Go, try it! What have you got to lose?

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  • Inspiring. I shall try someday… thanks!

  • My friend is doing this too and she loves it.  I love #5…I’ve read the Bible 3 times now and each time I think, I’ll be good after that but all it does is make me want to read it all over again!!

    You’ve got to do a video reciting the book when you’re done!

    • Great idea Amy! 🙂

  • That is awesome!  You GO GIRL!!!

  • Sue

    I stumbled across your blog by accident and it caught my eye b/c I’m memorizing James too – I’m just over halfway through chapter 2, and I really relate to how it has impacted your life.  I also just read your post about getting up at 5:30 to be with the Lord, which is something I have been doing on and off for about a year now and has changed my life.  I am surprised that life is a little bit the same across the continent for another mom of 3 young ones.  I’m in Calgary, Alberta 🙂

    • That’s awesome Sue! I love hearing of others further along in their memorization- keeps me motivated & inspired. I keep having to tell myself that I CAN do this. I just completed chapter 1 today. 
      So happy you stumbled over! 🙂

    • Robin

      How far are you now, Sue?  I just did 4:10 today!  Isn’t it amazing how God is giving us this supernatural ability?!!   He is good!

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  • Robin

    You don’t know me, but I did a Google search for “beth moore”
    “memorizing james”, and your blog was listed! CONGRATULATIONS on
    committing to memorizing James!!! I came online looking for some others that had done
    it or are working on it, because I needed a little cheering on. I’m
    trying to do 5 (sometimes 6) verses each week. I’m currently able to do
    James 1:1 through 3:15. God is so amazing! I haven’t memorized
    Scripture in SO long, because I too thought my brain had turned to mush.
    I loved how Beth challenged us to ASK GOD FOR THE ABILITY!!! (Not
    James but . . . Ask and ye shall receive!!) He has been blessing me
    with the ability! It’s work, but it’s been wonderful. But I realize I
    still have a long way to go, and I don’t want to give up. As you say it
    some days, pray for me? Thanks!

  • Janette

    Hi, I also looked up “memorizing James” & found you. I haven’t had the opportunity to view the bonus material on how to get started I’ve just read that you should work on a  1 chapter a month. I have been out of school a long time & the last thing I can remember (vaguely) is the Ghettysburg Address in elementary school. Can you or anyone give some pointers on how to get started?

    • That’s awesome Janette! I will be posting a follow up soon (in the next week) and will definitely give some pointers. If I can do it, I believe anyone can. I swore off memorizing in the 7th grade. Never would have thought I could actually do a whole book.

    • Robin

      I’ve been working on it about 5 verses each week.  The bonus material is
      about a 10 minute clip of Beth cheering you on!  She gives you the word:  ABIDE – Ask God for
      ability, Believe I can do it, Increase the portion each day, Determine a
      set time each day to practice, and Enjoy!! I believe the
      A: Ask God for the ability was really revolutionary for me.  I didn’t
      think I had the ability to memorize anymore.  It’d been a LONG time! 
      But when I realized that I could ask God, and it would be the Holy
      Spirit helping me, then I believed I could do it, through His strength! 
      I’m up to 4:10 as of today!!!!!  If that’s not proof of the Holy
      Spirit, I don’t know what is!!

      As Beth suggested, I printed off the book of James, with each verse starting on a new line (as opposed to paragraph format), but I didn’t
      laminate it, because I wanted to be able to fold the sheets.  (I used a
      font big enough to comfortably read, so some of the chapters are on two
      pages.)  I eventually printed off other copies too — I now have a set
      in my car (where I do most of my memorizing!, a set in the living room
      where I sit most of the time, a set in my journal, and a set in my
      bedroom!  I found that if I was mentally rehearsing it, and I wasn’t
      sure of a word, I didn’t want to have to go find the one copy
      somewhere.  (Maybe that’s a touch of laziness, but I chalk it up to
      wanting convenience!  Why make it harder than it is!) 

      I spend about 15-20 minutes on it each day.  I usually do it in the
      morning after dropping my son off at school.  I say it out loud in the
      car all the time now!

      At first, I would just take a verse at a time, and read it out loud
      several times.  (I put voice inflection in, so it’s not just rote words . . .  say it how you think James might have said it!)  Then I would look away and see if I could say it.  Some
      verses are easier than others, so sometimes I could go right into a second verse. 

      Now that I have quite a bit memorized, after reviewing the new verse for
      the day, I usually try to add it to whatever section I’m in.  So today,
      I worked on 4:9-10.  Then I said 4:1-10.  Then I said 1:1–>4:10,
      and then reviewed 4:9-10 again.

      That’s just how I do it.  Do whatever works for you!  But bathe it in
      prayer!  I remind God all the time that if He wants me to live His Word
      (and He does!), then I have to have the Word in me, so He has to give me
      the power to memorize it!  He’s been answering that request, much to my
      amazement and enjoyment!!  He is SO good!!!

  • Mirmartin05

    i just started memorizing James while doing Beth’s bible study.  Nice to see there are others out there!!

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