I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I started Beth Moore’s study of James with my Life Group and that I am taking on the level 5 challenge of memorizing the entire book too. I haven’t memorized much more than a verse of Scripture since elementary school, so this is a BIG deal for me.

I’ve always like the idea of memorizing Scripture, and I’ll occasionally carry around 3×5 notecards of verses or tape them to mirrors, dashboards, etc to feel like I am, but really I’m not. I don’t focus on really memorizing- and retaining the info, I just mainly carry it for reference. (Which isn’t bad, just not the same as memorizing!)

But as I’m going through this process, I’m learning there’s a huge difference between having Scripture on a card in front of you and having it in your mind and in your heart.

Currently, I’m a few verses short of having chapter 1 down. Here’s what I’ve learned through the experience so far:

  • I really CAN do it.
  • I really can do it and even ENJOY it. It’s the least bit burdensome.
  • My thought life is much more honoring to God.
  • As I focus on Scripture throughout the day, it changes how I look at my situations- my joys & my sorrows.
  • The more I memorize, the more I want to memorize. It’s a snowball effect- the more TRUTH you grab a hold of, the more of it you want.

Maybe you’re an easy memorizer, or maybe you’ve never really been a fan. But from someone who was NOT a fan to a recent convert I must say it is incredible.

Go, try it! What have you got to lose?