Easter- what a glorious day! At least it’s supposed to be right? It’s the day that we, as Christians, celebrate our Risen Savior-Jesus Christ. Because Jesus rose from the dead we are free! Free to live, free to make mistakes and know that everything is going to be okay. Free to die and know that our eternity will live with Him forever.

I must admit that for much of my life Easter didn’t feel like a day where I could be happy and celebrate. Growing up I was scared of the Easter holiday because I would have to sit through those Easter productions. Those Roman soldiers terrified me! To this day I could think back to those moments and remember the fear inside of me as a child as they beat and crucified Jesus. It was a day I focused on Jesus’ death- I think I treated the church service like it was Jesus’ funeral. Serious and somber. Guilty for what Jesus had to go through-and because of me!

But now I realize I was so wrong. Easter is not a day of death, it’s a day of life. It’s a day to rejoice and celebrate freedom! This is what I’ve really tried to focus on this Easter- the celebration. I probably still have a lot to learn about this freedom and how to celebrate it, but this year was off to a good start.

Friday, we dyed Easter eggs with Lily. It was so much fun- especially when she got a little confused and thought the dye was something you drink! (See pictures below).

Saturday I got this burst of domestic energy and spent much of the day in the kitchen making bunny cupcakes. (See pictures below).

Today, Easter Sunday, we went to the Easter service at church and afterward all of our family came over to our house to enjoy a nice family barbecue. My father-in-law grilled and we spent the afternoon outside. We topped it off with a Easter egg hunt for Lily and Nathan (our nephew). What a great family day!

Here’s some pics of the weekend.

Lily getting ready to dye eggs.

Daddy’s a good helper.

Egg dye doesn’t taste so bad.

A masterpiece!

Cailyn joined in on the fun too!

Family Easter Pic


World’s Best Grillmaster!

Lily’s looking for eggs.

Something just hit me in the head…

and it hurt!!! (Filipe hit her in the head w/ a chocolate egg-accident of course!)

The real goods.

Bunny Cupcakes!

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