Sometimes you don’t realize how stuck you are until you breakthrough to the other side (I’m sure that’s part of a song lyric, but I can’t think of who/what right now, a rock band right?).

Stumbling around in the dark is slow and can only take you so far.

A few nights ago I asked my husband to read a portion of the story I’m working on and answer a few questions that I’d been wrestling through. ¬†Through his feedback he helped me clarify certain situations and truths, and I had a breakthrough moment!

It was as if a bright light illuminated the dark path I’d been stumbling along. ¬†And finally I could see where I was going.

The path is long and there’s a lot of stuff to still work through, but it’s become clearer now.

I might have even stumbled upon my overarching theme- and there’s only ONE!