Is it really Friday?!? Seriously, where did the week go? Where did October go for that matter? It’s been a crazy week, at least it feels like it. I had no intentions of blogging today, but when I realized it was indeed Friday and I could actually get a post out in 5 minutes, I figured, why not?! Here’s a quick, unscripted, Five Minute Friday post.

A Defining Voice

This week I stood in front of a group of moms talking to them about the highs and lows of parenting.
I recorded myself so I could go back and listen.
To my voice.

Later that day, I nervously hit play and listened to myself.
It’s awkward and weird, but it is after all what others hear from me every single day.

Our voice.
It’s what defines us.

With a word God spoke the universe into existence.
With his voice, Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead.

His voice.
It’s how we recognize Him.
It’s how we know Him.

What is His Voice saying to you?
What is your voice saying about you?

Five Minute Friday