At Drive, I attended a breakout session with Jeff Henderson called “A Healthy Staff Culture”. He is so incredible to listen to and learn from. Guys like him have an amazing amount of practical business wisdom and I love hearing how they relate it to the church world.

Here are a few quotes from the breakout:

“If you are not intentional about developing a healthy staff culture, then you are unintentionally creating an unhealthy one. It’s that simple…and true. No leader intentionally creates a dysfunctional work environment. It simply happens over time.”

“In a healthy staff culture, you will have the RIGHT PEOPLE doing the RIGHT WORK the RIGHT WAY for the RIGHT REASON.”

Jeff emphasized the burden he felt for the well-being of his staff. He said that for him, “staff burnout is unacceptable”. It’s really sad to me that so many pastors and church leaders suffer from burnout. As leaders in the church, we should be the healthiest workers of all. I believe that if we are doing exactly, and only, what God wants us to do then we will be healthy: physically, emotionally & relationally. I think the enemy sucks us into being busy so he can destroy us (and the body of Christ for that matter). We make the mistake of thinking the busier we are doing “God’s work”, the more spiritual we are. This is so wrong and I can be just as guilty at times. Since my daughters were born, I’ve really tried to evaluate and be cautious about what I add to my schedule-sometimes days I succeed more than others!

Jeff quoted someone (whom I forget their name):
“Great thinking speeds up as we slow down.”

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