It’s the little things in life that give us hope and happiness about life. In a previous post here I shared that we started the whole potty training thing with Lily. We have definately made some incredible progress since those first couple days of practically living in the bathroom. For the last couple months we’ve been in a pattern where at home she wears “big girl panties”, but pullups when we go out in public- because, frankly I don’t want to deal with it when we’re out. Maybe that’s bad, but I don’t really care at this point- with another baby to take care of this is how I can handle both of them and not completely lose my mind.

Before we started the process I read a great book on potty training that teaches to put the emphasis on staying dry not actually going potty. This way the control stays on the parent side, not the childs. Having this focus stays consistent whether she’s wearing big girl panties or pullups. BUT needless to say, she(I) shouldn’t have to rely on the pullup. So, tonight we went to The Gate (our high school service) and I decided to give it a try. There’s only 3 kids in the nursery so it was an easy risk. To my surprise she made it through the night with no accidents! I guess it’s not that surprising since she does well every time with a pullup, but of course I got a little nervous that the first time I try her without it would be the one time she forgets or gets distracted or something.

I don’t know how she’ll do tomorrow or the next day, but today was a good day. A little bit of hope for tomorrow.

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