Well, I’ve been doing great w/ my new work out routine. I’ve missed a day here and there, but nothing to get down about. Last week I was a little discouraged because with all the excercise I wasn’t losing any weight. Now, I’m not one to obsess too much about weight- I care more about being healthy and how I look(really, I do!). Lately almost everyone I talk to mentions how I look like I’ve lost weight. I just usually smile and say thanks, though inside I know what the scale really says.
So, the other day I was in the bathroom giving Cailyn a bath and Lily was standing next to me. She happened to be standing on the scale and I looked over and the scale was close to 40-Lily does NOT weigh 40 pounds! After I finished with Cailyn I went back to the scale and noticed that it was set on 10 pounds. I reset it back to 0 and stood on it and was amazed and thrilled- I was only 5 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight! I like that weight loss plan, wish it was always as easy as readjusting the scale.

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