I love new beginnings, a chance to start fresh.  As exciting as it is there can be something intimidating about it.  Whenever I open to the first page of a brand new journal (or for you non-writers, putting on new running shoes)- I don’t want to mess it up.  It’s so clean!  But, I finally did it.  I broke in the new Moleskine, and spent some time writing down some goals and desires for the year ahead.  Being 36 weeks pregnant and having contractions daily, it will take me about another 6 weeks to have a better idea of what life will be like in 2010. 

For 2010 I’m trying hard to be realistic about this season of life, but also challenge myself in areas I know need improvement.  The past couple weeks I’ve been reflecting, thinking, and praying about what to focus on most this year and the one word that kept coming to my mind was communication.  It’s something that we all use daily.  It mends relationships as well as destroys relationships.  It brings us a great deal of joy or sorrow.  Communication is such a vital part of our lives.  So, I’m challenging myself this year to improve in my communication skills.  How? 

There are 4 key words I want to focus on (though more may be added as I start studying this stuff): 
– Listen (focus on what the other person is saying rather than what I’m trying to say)
– Ask (learn how to ask better questions to build relationships)
– Tone (focus on my tone of voice when I’m speaking- mainly w/ my husband & kids)
– Assertive (speak up when necessary)

I’m excited to focus on this area.  I don’t think it will be easy, in fact, it may get down right painful.  But it’s worth it if it means better, healthier relationships with family and friends as well as more opportunities to connect and influence others in a positive way.

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