This week I am going to reflect on what it means to be thankful and have a heart of gratitude.  Each day I am posting something I’m currently thankful for. (These are not in order of importance.)  

Here, you can read yesterday’s post, The Present.

Silicon Valley
Today I am grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
I’m grateful to call Silicon Valley my home.

A little over three years ago we joined the South Bay team and moved our family to the San Francisco Bay area.  I felt confident God directed us here, but I wasn’t confident I would connect with the area.  God doesn’t always take us to the places of our choosing, but I believe He will give us a heart for the place He has called us.

During the months leading up to the big move, I spent time researching and learning whatever I could get my hands on about Silicon Valley.  But reading about the tech companies in Fast Company magazine is quite different from experiencing it first-hand.

Aside from a weekend road trip to San Francisco my sophomore year of college, I didn’t know much about Northern California.  The culture here is much different than Charleston, SC where I grew up.

Silicon Valley is diverse and fast-paced.
People are driven to succeed and they take risks.
People place high value on their health and taking care of the environment.

The thing I love most is their honesty and openness about where they are spiritually.
There is no pretense.

Three years later I can honestly say, I love living in Silicon Valley.  Most of all, I love serving and doing ministry here.  God continues to expand my heart for this area of the country.

I’m finally able to say, and really believe, that this is home.