A Prayer
To hear the faintest whisper from God.

One of my goals this year when it comes to my spiritual growth is not just to hear God when he’s shouting above the other voices around me, but I want to be able to hear his voice so clearly that I can pick up the slightest whisper from Him.

A Confession
I’m not a fan of devotionals.  You know, the ones that have an encouraging word for the day and a verse to go with it?  I know this may be appalling to some of you, but that’s why the title is called “confession”.

It’s not that devotional are bad, but I realized a long time ago that I couldn’t rely solely on them for my personal time with God.

I felt like they were a waste of my time.

Whenever I used to read them, I felt like I was reading out of someone else’s journal, someone else’s time with God.  It’s not that you can’t learn something from someone else’s time with God, but it’s just that, someone else’s.  It’s like being the spectator in someone else’s relationship- it’s only exciting until you want to have a relationship with the person to.  That’s how I felt about devotionals.  I didn’t want someone else telling me what God told them, I wanted to hear from God himself.

…and I still do, but…

At the beginning of the year, I picked up a devotional (I don’t even like using the word, but not sure what else to call it) that began stirring my heart.  Someone had given it to us a while back, but I had never payed much attention to it.  As I began reading it, I noticed how it helped me focus in on the still, small voice of God.  His whispers.

It’s called, “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.

As I read it, it has only gotten better, and has helped me in my pursuit to know God more.  Sometimes I will spend a few days on one page, and will often use the Scriptures as a springboard to study more in a specific area.  It’s been a different approach this year, but accomplishing the goal.

How about you?  What are you doing to grow spiritually this year?  How is it going?