In the past week I’ve written more than average.  I’m sure I’ve exceeded my 300/day word goal.

What I’m most excited about is where I’m at with my story.  On Friday I pushed through that “stuck” place and discovered a whole new direction, and added about 1,000 words- good words too, not just words.

Writers are constantly looking for that new angle, that new pace that lies untouched.  It feels like you’re wandering through a forest in search of a path, and once you find it you know where to go next.  Until then, it’s pretty slow-going.

I’m amazed at what happens each time I commit to the process and to finding the next path.

In the end I’m never disappointed.  Where the path leads me it feels like God is physically taking me there.

Let’s be clear though, it doesn’t always feel good.  It can stir up all kinds of stuff that you never wanted to think about, much less attempt to expose about yourself.

But it heals.

It teaches you something about yourself you never would have learned otherwise, and just because of that, it motivates me to pursue the process relentlessly.

Even if it’s never published.

For a while there I kept asking myself the question, “is it worth my time?”.  As a mom of 3 and being a part of full-time ministry, I can find plenty of other things to do with my time.

No one can guarantee an unwritten story or book- even one with a contract.  The current #1 NYT bestseller, Heaven is For Real, was turned down by many publishers (including Thomas Nelson) a few times before getting published by Thomas Nelson.  You never know if something is really “worth it” on the front-end.  There’s always a risk.

I’ve asked myself the question, “Would I still write my story if only for my kids?”

When I finally could answer, YES!, then I could begin writing.