Growing up, my family did not participate in Halloween.  Aside from costume parties and Fall festivals at our church, we pretty much laid low on Halloween night- literally.

Is it wrong for Christians to participate in Halloween?  Some believe it is, some don’t.

Halloween doesn’t become an issue until you have kids of your own.  The first time I went trick-or-treating I was 28 years old and my daughters were 2 and 10 months.  We had just moved to California to start South Bay Church, and saw it as a great opportunity to connect with our neighbors.

We’ve continued to participate ever since.

About a month ago Lily came home from school telling me all about what the other kids were going to be for Halloween.  I followed it up with, “What do you want to be?”.  “A ghost!”, she exclaimed.  “Really.”, I responded curiously, “Why?”.  “Because I want to scare people!”, she answered.  “All I need is a bed sheet!”

Oh boy, I thought to myself.  Didn’t see this one coming.  Not at all.

Until now Princesses were all she has dressed up as for Halloween.
Trick-or-Treating is one thing, but dressing up in a scary costume is another.

So, I had a few choices to make.
a. tell her she can’t
b. talk her out of it.
c. let her.

I didn’t feel good about telling her she couldn’t.  I wanted it to be her decision, not mine (it wasn’t like she was wanting be Satan).

So, I did the next best thing.

I tried to talk her out of it via manipulation.  I thought of every round-about way I could to talk her out of it and relating anything that came up in conversation.  I even took her to Target and tried to get her interested in something else, and when that didn’t work…

I told Filipe it was his job to talk her out of it. (He didn’t really care.)

Nope, she wouldn’t budge.

Then I realized this was clearly MY issue- not hers.
I was more concerned about what people would think of her (& us!).
And I have to admit the thought, Is it okay for a pastor’s daughter to dress up as a ghost?, did cross my mind once or twice.

Lily is unaware about things that are truly scary (aside from the devil himself whom she is very scared of), and I didn’t want to scare her out of being a ghost by opening her mind up to more than necessary.

So, we let her be a ghost.

And she had a blast.
And got lots of candy!

Was it wise/unwise?
I’ll let you know in about 10 years.

What did you do for Halloween?!?!

Lily the Ghost

Cailyn- Princess Minnie

Efraim the Chicken

Trick or Treat!