Last week I was going through my goals and where I’ve come this year. I kinda freaked out a little when I realized it was almost May. Seriously, where had the time gone?! Of course, I can’t say I’ve been just sitting around doing nothing. But I was questioning if I was moving closer to where I want to be this year.

That answer was a mixed yes and no.

Yes, I’ve done some great things and learned a lot. I think so much of what I’ve learned thus far in 2012 will be a foundation of so much more. I don’t think you can memorize a book of the Bible and not be forever changed by it.

But, when it comes to writing there was frustration. I have so much to work on I can easily be overwhelmed by it all. The big question remains, will I write no matter if no one reads it? That answer is always yes. So write, I must.

I realized that I’ve been living the last month like God is going to magically part the waters of my schedule. I acted like I would just wake up one day and have 4-6 hours of writing time during the peak time of my day. Who am I kidding? That won’t happen until who knows when, so if I want to move forward in this I must do something to change it. Now.

So what am I doing?

Well, for the month of May I’m having my own personal writing marathon. For five out of seven days I’m writing two hours a night focusing on one project- no blogging allowed. There’s no editing, no re-writing, just getting thoughts down on paper. It’s hard for me to keep going and not edit myself, but I’ve got to learn how. And the sooner the better. Might as well be now.

So far I’m two for two (I started Monday night). I’m treating this like a workout program. I did P90X once, surely I can focus 30 days on writing. It’s the end goal I’m staying focused on. When I can get all of these things out of my head I think I will feel about ten pounds lighter (too bad that wouldn’t translate to actual pounds).

For Writing Wednesdays throughout the month of May, I will update my progress.