silicon-valleyOn this day last year our family flew on a one way ticket from Charleston, SC to San Jose, CA.  Filipe was the only one who scouted out the place, and I was hoping that everything would be just like I had envisioned or at least what google maps showed on the street view!  We came with a purpose and we came with the peace that this was the place God wanted us to be. 

Before Andy invited us to be a part of South Bay Church, I had never been interested in church planting- just didn’t seem like much fun to me.  Now I find it thrilling and exciting!  There are times when things are stressful and overwhelming, but seeing God work in spite of us is amazing!  Throughout this year we have met incredible new friends, seen a church go from 3 families to over 200 people, and seen many people give their life to Jesus. 

The best part of moving here is that we came with a team.  Moving can be pretty stressful- especially to a strange place!  Having Andy & Stacie and Archie & Bekah (& then in Feb., Filipe’s parents) here going through it with us has made it a lot easier to adjust to this crazy place. 🙂

Being here and being a part of South Bay Church has taught me sooo…much, but I know I still have a lot to learn!  Can’t wait to see what God is going to teach me throughout this next year!

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