About Mandy

I grew up in the south (Charleston, SC), married a Brazilian, and now live on the west coast (Northern California). I love engaging with different cultures and people. We all do life differently, but at the heart of the human soul, we have so much in common.


My husband, Filipe, and I met while attending Charleston Southern University. We both pursued full-time ministry, and after graduation began working for the college ministry at our local church. In 2008 we joined some of our best friends to plant South Bay Church in the San Francisco Bay Area. Filipe serves as executive pastor and I am full-time mom to five crazy kids- Rafael, Felipe, Lily, Cailyn, and Efraim.

I am passionate about seeing people follow hard after Jesus and living a life of integrity. I dream of making a difference in the world through the written word as so much of my own life has been changed by it.


I share equal affection for C.S Lewis and Anne Lamott, TED talks and The Tonight Show. (I’m convinced Jimmy Fallon is the goofy older brother I never had.) Fond of coffee, La Croix, and the Mediterranean diet.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy Sig




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