A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about adoption, and mentioned how our friends, Andy & Stacie Wood, are in the adoption process.  Since I wrote that post, they have received their referral & passed court!!!

Andy & Stacie are in Ethiopia right now!  They had less than a week’s notice to pack their stuff and head out of the country.  They have been able to spend time with their new son and his birth mother.  The pictures are precious. Unfortunately because of documents (& more paperwork!) they can’t bring him home quite yet.  They will fly back to Ethiopia in a couple of months (or weeks?) to bring him home.

With each update I get, tears well up in my eyes because I know how much this means to them.  Stacie has longed for this for so long, and I’m so happy this moment is finally here.  You can also follow along with them on Stacie’s blog- www.staciewood.com

Just one year ago Andy preached a message about peace at South Bay.  During the message Stacie made a video sharing about her struggle with infertility.  It was a difficult time for them, but God gave them peace in the midst of it which finally led them to start the adoption process.  Below is a link to that video- just click on peace.  If you are currently in the same situation, know that God is with you.  Ask Him and will give you peace in the midst of your situation.

Peace from South Bay Church on Vimeo.

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