Where we’re at:

It’s been one month since we submitted our adoption application and we’ve been on the receiving end of large pdf files ever since. They came in increments, so at first it was manageable. This isn’t that bad, I thought, after receiving the first two.

But then when that last 28-page home study document came in, I may have gone into shock. Not shock because of what the document contained. I just kept thinking while reading through ALL of that fine print, What if I miss something?! Overall, I consider myself to be pretty organized, but I’m no pro, that’s for sure. Filling out forms and making checklist doesn’t bring all kinds of thrills and chills like some in the admin world. I did, however, make two checklist (one for our homestudy docs & one for our dossier requirements). Hopefully my determination will make up for my lack of skill set in this area. We’ll see.

What we’ve done:

  • Ordered important docs- birth certificates, marriage license.
  • Registered for adoption classes.
  • I renewed my drivers license, passport.
  • Filipe and I had our physicals, blood work completed.
  • Received our pediatrician report/signatures for each of our kids.
  • Filipe and I had a psychological evaluation completed.
  • Made our first appointment w/ our social worker.
  • Prepped Filipe and kid’s passport applications for Brazilian & US passports
  • Ordered (via Amazon & the public library) required reading materials.

How much: 

  • America World Application Fee $300
  • America World Program Fee $1870.00
  • Adoption Classes $140
  • Marriage License $30
  • Birth Certificate (+ notarization) $40
  • Traveling Notary to Dr. office $45
  • Psychological Evaluation $350
  • Required reading materials $12
  • Home Study Program Fee $2839.00
    *not including personal docs that would otherwise need renewal e.g. drivers license, passports
  • TOTAL $5,626.00

What You’ve Done:

I’m amazed at all the support that we’ve received thus far. It’s incredible! Knowing you are with us in this journey keeps the mountains of paperwork and the challenges that come with it bearable. You’ve given a total of $3,240.00 so far with about $2100 more that’s been pledged. Thank you!

We’ll have our first “fundraiser” coming up on Tuesday. So, make sure you visit to see how you can help. (Hint: You only need $5)



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