The Advent season, the countdown to Christmas, begins with a little wonder. We wonder because we are in awe or we wonder because we doubt.

  • Mary wondered about the type of greeting she received from the angel.
  • Joseph wondered if Mary had cheated on him with another man.
  • The wise men wondered about a star.
  • King Herod wondered if he would be dethroned.
  • Elizabeth wondered over Mary’s blessing.
  • The shepherds wondered if the angel’s message was true.

Their wonder moved them. It didn’t leave them where they were. 

What do you wonder about?
Where is your wonder leading you?

Like the wise men and shepherds, does it leave you seeking and searching? Or like King Herod, does it leave you bitter and enraged?

As Christmas approaches, some anticipate its arrival before the leaves have fallen and pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu. Others have to work up a little wonder, maybe force themselves in the spirit with a little baking, shopping, or caroling.

Which way do you lean this year? 

Do you sense a little anticipation over what God is doing (or going to do) in your life? Or do you feel a sense of fear and dread? Whichever way you lean this year, God is nearer than you think. He is closer than you feel. And He loves you more than you will ever know.

As the Christmas season is now in full swing, wonder through the eyes of awe. Look for what is to come. You never know what He has in store just around the corner.

Wonder this week. Read and meditate on Isaiah 40. 

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