I’m excited to have finished the first 5 books on my reading list so far this year- and it’s only March! If I could have read like this in college I may have gotten better grades. 😉

Last night I finished the book Axiom by Bill Hybels. This books is definitely on my top fav list and I’ll likely refer to and re-read this book for years to come. The wisdom and insight that this man has is incredible.

Here are my top 3 axiom favorites.

1. Language Matters
Words are a big deal to me. Words are vital when we communicate- especially from a leadership position. I can recall countless times walking away from a conversation or small group frustrated by my own words- or lack thereof. I spend a lot of time editing myself when I’m blogging, or writing for small groups. Now only if I can carry the same discipline into real life conversation I’ll be making progress.

2. Just Say It! & Never Say Someone’s No For Them
(This is a 2 for 1 for my top 3 list!)
Another one of my struggles in communication is being gut wrenching honest with people- especially when I’m asking someone to make a new commitment spiritually or to step up in a [volunteer] leadership position. Although I have high standards of excellence for myself, I understand and can often justify the excuse for not doing whatever it is I am asking of them. Leaders often have to take risk and help initiate someone else’s next step, and I need to be bold and communicate that better.

3. Excellence Honors God and Inspires People
This axiom was great for me- I almost felt like I had a green light for my perfectionism. Though there are definatley weaknesses to this area (fear of failure, etc)- I think I fully understand the importance of excellence so reading this encouraged me about being excellent, rather than doing what I feel like I am constantly doing and “working” on my perfectionistic personality.

Often I will be frustrated with an area of my life- parenting, personal disciplines, leading small groups, etc., and my husband will make a comment about how great of a job I do (and occasionally he will add “compared to most people”). While it is encouraging and I believe him, I also tell him- “I’m not comparing myself to ‘most people’, I’m comparing myself to Jesus Christ and the Biblical standard he gave us. When I think of life like that I have a looong way to go.

Those are just a few axioms from the book that really spoke to me. I encourage you (wherever you are) to read this book- it will change your life!

Now, off to read another book. I’m deviating from my list (oh no!) and adding The Shack by WM. Paul Young. I’m usually not a fiction reader, but after everything I’ve heard about it, it was quickly added to the list. I’m sure it will become a top favorite- let you know soon!

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