Since many of you are wondering and praying for us, I thought I’d share the details of what is going on with this baby boy. 

– I started having regular contractions late Tuesday night.  They lasted throughout the night and became stronger between 4-6 am lasting about 7-8 min. 
– Around 8am or so, the contractions began to subside.  They continued on and off Wednesday and from 2-3:30 were about 5 minutes apart, but weren’t very strong. 
– So, I called one of the midwives just to talk to her about all that was going on and she recommended that I come in to get checked out to see where I was at.
–  Around 4pm we went to the hospital.  Everything was good with the baby, and I was dilated 3-4 cm.  The cool thing is that my preferred midwife was on call (although she wasn’t on the schedule), and she was the one that examined me and talked to me about my options. 
– My midwife told me I could go home or stay at the hospital, BUT if I were to have stayed, the hospital staff would have likely intervened (by breaking my water and/or giving me pitocin to speed up labor).  
–  We decided to go home and continue to wait out this “early labor” process.
– Last night the contractions subsided more and more and I actually slept really good most of the night!  I woke up again around 4am with strong contractions that lasted till about 6 and then I fell back asleep. 
– Today my body seems to be on hold because I’ve had very few contractions.  We took the girls out today and ran some errands so that I can walk around as much as I can. 
– Now, just waiting!

I’ve never been this far in labor naturally- with the two girls, they broke my water and gave me pitocin (which resulted in an epidural)  when I was 3-4 cm.  So although this is my third baby, in a way it feels like my first.  At this point, the main thing I care about is allowing my body get there on its own and not forcing it there.

So, overall things are good.  I’m really praying for the emotional/mental endurance to be patient throughout this time- it seems like that may be the hardest part of this whole process.  Filipe and I were talking yesterday about how our human tendency in these moments is to speed things up and make things happen- by whatever means necessary.  It feels like our lives are on hold right now, and I think part of us feels guilty for not being able to work and function normally.  You would think bringing a life into this world isn’t huge enough- as long as it happens in a timely manner right?!

Thanks for all the support and prayers!  Continue to pray for us- for patience and strength througout this time.

Just for fun- Filipe was playing with the girls this morning and caught this on video- check it out!

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