Lily and Cailyn have been so excited all summer long about going to ballet camp.  I have looked for some classes to get them started in, and thought a camp would be a great into to dance and a good way to decide if it’s something they would like to continue during the school year.

One of my friends from South Bay works at the dance studio and it just so happened that she was teaching both classes.  It was nice for the girls (& me) to have their teacher be someone they were familiar with.

The camp was every afternoon this week.  Lily participated in a “princess” class for ages 4-6, so the theme was perfect for her.  She learned some ballet and jazz, and they also had crafts that they did together.  The last day they dressed up as princesses and performed for the parents.  Of course Lily just stood there and smiled at us and had a look like “there is no way I’m doing this in front of all these people!”. 🙂  I think all she cared about was looking pretty in her Sleeping Beauty dress.

Cailyn was in a “mini tot” class for ages 2.5-3.5.  She loves to dance and loved learning new things each day.  For the last day she did a great job showing us everything they did together.

I have a feeling this is the first of many dance classes we will be attending.