Filipe flew to Florida on Friday to attend his cousins wedding leaving me with the kids for the weekend.  It felt like he had just returned from Ethiopia, and I didn’t want to tell the girls about him leaving again.  In fact, I didn’t tell them until the day before, and when I did, I followed it up with, “let’s do something super fun!”.  (You can get my girls’ attention pretty quickly by preceding it with the word “super”.  For example, “it’s going to be hot today” doesn’t motivate, but “it’s going to be super hot” does.)

Summer took a while to arrive in the Bay area this year.  We shivered our way through the month of June acting like it was summer, but really we were just fooling ourselves.  So when temperatures shot up to the 80’s & 90’s the last couple weeks, I could barely contain myself.  Last week, I saw on the weather that the beaches would get hot too, and I couldn’t resist.  The beach isn’t always hot here in Northern California- even in the summer, so I couldn’t pass on a good beach day- even if it meant doing it solo with the kids.

So I followed up, “let’s do something super fun!” with “we should go to the beach!”.  The girls got really excited and it helped them not focus so much on Daddy being gone.

Saturday morning we piled in the car at 8:30am, stopped for coffee and donuts, and arrived in Santa Cruz by 10am.  We spent all morning there, played in the sand, and splashed in the frigid water.  Lily (my 5 year old) couldn’t wait to get her feet wet, but the sound of the crashing waves made Cailyn (my 3 year old) nervous.  It took us a few minutes to get her closer to the water.  Finally she came and would tiptoe slowly toward the water.  As soon as the waves crashed, she bolted out like the water would attack her or something.  And Efraim, well he was wrapped around my arm like a monkey anytime I got close to the water.  He loved playing in the sand though, probably swallowed a few fistfuls, but he was happy.

Here’s a picture of us eating lunch.

I couldn’t exactly take many pictures.  I stayed busy sitting in the middle of the sand toys covered in sand, but oh so happy.  Summer finally made it to the Bay, and this beach lover couldn’t have been happier.  Well, we were sad Daddy couldn’t be there, but we do have a family vacation planned in a couple weeks and we are all headed to the beach for a week.   Can’t wait!