At the beginning of this year Filipe took the position as youth pastor at our church and from day one on the job we jumped right into planning a retreat for the students. This past week was it-we took 55 students on a Spring Breakaway to a camp in Winnsboro, SC. We planned and prepared for these students to really connect and be able to experience God in a new way.

Looking back I believe they did. It was fun watching them interact throughout the trip. We split everyone up in teams so that the whole week would be a competition among them- there’s something about competition that just gets people excited. We had an “Amazing Race” where they had to drink a “mystery smoothie” (complete w/ spam & sardines-yuck!), chop an onion, and even act out a scene from Star Wars. We also had a Talent Show where each team had to perform (separately or individually). I was amazed at how much they got into it- their creativity was astounding. From guys dancing like Hannah Montana to John Mayer to the “Charlie bit me” act- we were laughing a lot!!!

Even though there was a lot of laughing and fun, most importantly God was the focus in all we did and He really seemed to speak to the students. Andy Wood, our guest speaker shared some important Biblical truths that challenged the students in their relationship with God.

I’m excited to see how the students will change as a result of this week and seek God in new ways. I hope and pray that they would be challenged to do things they may never have thought possible as a result of seeking God and allowing their lives to be directed by His plans for their life. I know that when we commit to God’s plans for our life we will do greater things than we can ever dream up for ourselves.

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