I want to give an update on some big and exciting changes happening in our family!

Filipe and I have been serving at Northwood Assembly Church since we met during college. It is where I grew up, where we were married, and where our children were dedicated. Filipe worked as the assistant pastor for the college ministry for about 5 years, and currently as the youth pastor since December.

Last summer, we were approached by some close college friends, Andy and Stacie Wood. They asked us to consider joining them in a vision to start a church in one of the country’s largest, metropolitan areas, the San Francisco Bay Area–more specifically, the Silicon Valley.

Being in such a great season of our lives–ministry was going great and we were expecting our second daughter, we were pretty close-minded and hesitant to the idea of moving. But as they shared the vision, we felt a tremendous stirring by the Holy Spirit that this vision was for us too.

Some of the facts caught our attention:

  • 95% unreached with the Gospel (about 2.5 million people in this area)
  • Known for liberal and anti-God values that are influential throughout the rest of the nation.
  • A technological hub of the world- the home of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Apple, EBay, HP, and dozens of other multinational companies.

Our hearts were captivated by the magnitude of the vision and the tremendous potential in this area. It is one of the most diverse, affluent, and influential metropolitan areas in the world. It is a mission field that has been ignored by many. Can you imagine the impact an evangelical church could have if it reaches the people who already have influence in the world?

After months of prayer and fasting, we believe God is calling us into this journey and are joining the staff of South Bay Church. We are in the process of transitioning out of our current roles at Northwood and will be moving to California in August/September 2008. We are so excited for this new opportunity and anticipating great things to come!

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