It was way back in the fall of 2000 that I did my first Beth Moore Bible study.  I was a junior in college and joined the study to get to know some other girls on campus.  I must admit I was skeptical at first.  I had never done this style of Bible study before…oh and homework?…are you kidding me?! 

Well, it only took one session of “Jesus the One and Only” to realize that this was no ordinary study nor was she an ordinary teacher.  I was captivated!  Although I had grown up learning about Jesus all my life. I felt like I had been introduced to Jesus for the very first time.

More than her studies, Beth Moore impresses me with her life.  She has probably had more influence on me than anyone else when it comes to being a woman in ministry.  She’s open and honest, yet she remains serious about God and His Word- oh and did I mention hilarious!   And truth be told, I’ve only done a handful of her studies.   

A few years ago (2004 or 05?) I was at Living Proof Live conference and noticed Beth’s daughter, Melissa, was with her watching from the front row.  Throughout each session she caught my eye (yes, I was paying attention and what Beth was teaching was good too!).  I would watch Melissa watching her mom as she taught in front of thousands of women- and those few brave men!  I walked away from that conference with this thought:  “I wonder if my daughters can/will look at me one day the way Beth’s daughter can look up to her”.  This was before I had any children.

I felt like God wanted to teach me something in that moment.  No matter what areas of ministry He allows me to serve in, I should be motivated to strive for success if it’s “just” my kids watching me.  Sometimes it may seem like it’s only worth all the effort if thousands are watching.  When things get tough it is easy to give up when you don’t know if any one else around notices or cares.  I felt like God was showing me the importance and the impact that can come from being a role model, example, and leader that my kids can come to and learn from.  Since then, when I’m studying or writing studies, I always thinking about how my kids can be impacted by it. 

I found Beth’s blog a few years ago, and is one I’ve kept up with regularly.  Her and her two daughters, Amanda & Melissa, are both contributors to the blog, and most of the post leave me laughing out loud or crying.  If you are a women and haven’t already, check it out– I’m sure you’ll love it!

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