Over the past couple years I’ve really come to love the blogging world.  I love reading what other people are experiencing and learning.  They are (usually) short, informative, inspiring, and entertaining.  Reading them makes me feel connected to other like-minded people- many whom I don’t even know personally.  My blogging list seems to be continually growing with currently 70 blog subscriptions and 244 unread blogs in Google Reader (the program that my RSS feeds into). 

Ever since I redesigned my blog, the one thing I haven’t done is add a blog roll.  I’ve been wanting to get to it, but because I read so many, I lose the motivation to do it whenever I think about it- I’m sure I’ll get to it sometime.  So, I thought I’d do a few posts and share some of the blogs I read and why.  Maybe you would like to read them too- if you don’t already.  Oh, and just wanted to mention that no one is paying me to do this.

First up…drumroll please…Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff.  After I read today’s post I just had to give the first post to him.  Today’s post- Arguing about whether heaven will serve Chick-fil-A or In-n-Out (Part 1) 

I’ve been reading this blog for about a year and a half or so.  This blog makes me laugh out loud all the time!  He writes about things that go on in the church world, and having grown up in the church, I can relate to so much of what he writes about. 

A few favorite post…
#269. Understanding how metrosexual your worship leader is. (A handy guide)
#113. Booty, God, Booty
Kinky Lingerie for Missionaries or Remix #303 – Donating Junk to the Church

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