Monday was Cailyn’s 2nd birthday!  I can’t believe my baby is already 2 years old!!  To celebrate, we invited close family & friends over for her birthday dinner. 

What is every 2 year old’s favorite food?  Black beans & rice of course!  At least this Brazilian girl!  Cailyn’s not usually a picky eater (most of the time!), but she will eat a bowl of beans & rice better than pizza or the other “kid-friendly” foods.  So, we had a Brazilian style dinner complete with Guarana followed with Minnie Mouse cupcakes- yummy!!!  The entire cupcake is edible w/ mint chocolate cookies for the ears, fruit by the foot for bows, and m&m’s for the polka dots.

We had a lot of fun with her and she has really enjoyed playing with her new toys!  It’s so much fun watching her learn new things.

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