Here are just a few highlights from Catalyst West.  If you follow my twitter, some were there, but in case you missed it, or if you want a little more than 140 characters, here ya go:

(These are from my notes, some quotes, some paraphrased)

David Platt- How are we selling the Gospel?  Are we selling it by telling people about the good things God does for us, the things we want from Him or for WHO JESUS IS?

[In the American culture] “It takes so much stuff for us to get people excited about Jesus.”

“When you know God truly, you love God deeply.”


Andy Stanley- “Often in life, a single act of courage can be the tipping point for something extraordinary.”


Christine Caine- Freedom is experienced when you live out your calling.

“It’s not about our limitations, it’s about God’s ability.”

“God hasn’t called us to a safe life, He’s called us to a free life.”


Matt Chandler- “By developing an appetite for what is good, you will lose the appetite for what is bad.”


These are just a few…there were so many more, and so much more to process.  God has been speaking to me so much through it all, and now I have to try and make sense of it and figure out how to implement these things into my life.  All things that will help me grow as a child of God and become more of who He’s called me to be.