For the last 3+ months Filipe, my husband, has worked tirelessly with Compassion International & the Willowcreek Association to establish a partnership with a local church in a third world country- called “church-to-church” strategy.  I love the concept.  It’s such a practical and tangible way that we can use what God has given us to help change a community and bring them into a relationship with Christ not to mention the blessing they will be in return.  This is an active way in which we, as a church, can bring real change to a developing country.

The selection process took several weeks and being a rather new church, we weren’t sure if we would be accepted, but nonetheless we were!  Not only were we accepted, but we were partnered with the country first on our list- Ethiopia.  We are so excited about the opportunities South Bay will have through this partnership and all the possibilities that will come with it.

Filipe went to Chicago last week to go through a training on the specifics of the partnership and returned more excited about it then ever.

I can’t wait to see how God will use South Bay to influence a local church in Ethiopia!