Fall is here!   For us that means we kick off new small groups at South Bay Church.  I love small groups because it’s a great environment to get to know people better and can talk about life on a deeper level. 

This fall I will be leading a group for women on prayer called “Conversations w/ God”.  We will be discussing what prayer is and why it is important to our lives.  I’m so excited to teach on this subject!  The very first group I led (fall 2000) was a co-ed group on prayer- which is how I met my husband!  He and I led that group together on our college campus, and we were amazed at all God did through that group. 

This month I’ve been researching and preparing for the study.  It’s important to me that the Bible be the center and the main reference, so I’ve been studying people in the Bible and their prayer lives.  The last few weeks I’ve studied Nehemiah and Hannah and have had some great insight.  I’m also reading some other Christian books on the subject- my favorite so far is The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard.  I love reading books that make your head hurt, and boy does this one!

With every group I lead, God always uses it to challenge me in a new way.  I’m really enjoying this new challenge and excited about what He is going to teach me (& others) through it.  Prayer is one of those areas in which we can always grow more.  Like our relationships with our spouse, children, or a friend- there is always more to learn.  Same with God- we will never get to the point in life where don’t need to keep learning about Him.  And I believe that’s one of the things prayer does- keeps our relationship with Him constantly growing and in result we are  closer to Him. 

For those of you women who are local, group starts on October 6th!  Please contact me  for more details and directions.

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