I know you’re popular and all right now, but I have to be honest.  I don’t like you very much.  Trust me it’s not you, it’s me.  You see there’s someone else- another season, that my heart belongs to, Summer.  And sense you stole it, well I just naturally blame you.

You see:
Summer awakens my soul and breathes life to my bones.

Summer means staying up late and sleeping in.  Summer means going to the beach and lazy days by the pool.  Summer means backyard bbq’s and family vacation.

I’m pretty sure in my little corner of heaven, the temperature will be a constant 75-80 degrees.

But Fall, I do you have to give it to you.  While you’re not my favorite, you do have some mighty fine qualities that help me make it through.  You have pumpkins (though I don’t care for the spice) and apples (but you tend to overdo it on the caramel).

You even have some of my fashion favs like tall boots and cute sweaters, and your colors, brown & orange, have even grown on me too.  The new shows you have on TV distract me from what I’m really missing, and best of all is that great holiday you have to remind us all to be thankful.

So Fall, you’re not all that bad, but let’s be clear.  When I’m picking pumpkins and baking apple pies, yes I am enjoying it.  But truth be told, Summer already has my heart.

Waiting for Summer