God has given us a high calling with a BIG job to do.

When we can get up and get dressed for the day, we feel more like we have something important to do. When we can plan our days well and not wait till the last minute for everything, we can enjoy the moments right in front of us. When we’re not rushing around stressed out about all the things we forgot to do or still want to do, we can relax. We can breathe.

Our go-to response to how we are doing does NOT have to always be, “tired” to feel like you’ve been productive. We can get control over our emotions, and when our kid is screaming at us, “You’re the worst mom ever. I hate you!”, we can just let it roll off our back.

Because you see…

When I read the Bible I see a God of order. A God with a plan; A God with a purpose for our lives. He doesn’t do things halfway. He doesn’t wait till the last minute and stress about all He has left to get done. He calmly guides us. He gently pushes us, letting our cries of frustration and tantrums roll off his back as He lovingly whispers, “I still love you”. He’s encouraging us in our strengths and helping us where we are weak. He knows us, and He desires for us to know Him.

Let’s model the same to our kids.