You have a lot to live up to. Two thousand twelve was quite a year.

It started with high hopes and big dreams, and within the first month those hopes were met with disappointment and frustration.
It brought some pain and challenges. It brought new discoveries and learning.
It required stretching and growing, but you and I both know, that’s where the good stuff lies.

I don’t want a year of ease; I want a year of growth.
I don’t want a year of coasting; I want a year of conquering.
I don’t want a year of passivity; I want of year of purpose.

I don’t know what’s around the corner and I won’t presume to know. There will be good days to enjoy and there will be hard days to endure. Whatever you do bring, I hope to learn something new, serve those around me, and be faithful with what’s in front of me.

Let’s worth together this year. Let’s use time to our advantage rather than fighting against it. No living in the future. No living in the past. Let’s take it day by day, and maybe, just maybe this will turn out to be a pretty incredible year. I’m believing you got it in you. Let’s do this 2013.