Ever since Lily started preschool I’ve been re-working our morning routine.  Nothing all that new for me since having a newborn means constant change every few months as they grow.  But this time is a little different because Lily going off to school two mornings a week doesn’t just affect me- it affects Cailyn, her sister, too.  In fact, it’s probably been harder for Cailyn to adjust to Lily going to school than it has Lily.

On Lily’s first day of school, Cailyn cried that she couldn’t go with her.  It’s been pretty cute, but I think she feels a little (or a lot) left out.  So, these last few weeks I’ve had to focus on keeping Cailyn busy during the mornings- she’s been helping me with grocery shopping, we’ve gone to get coffee and chocolate milk together, and play at the playground.

Because Lily is 4, Cailyn often asks me (multiple times a day) if she can go to school when she’s 4, to which I reply “yes”.  That seems to satisfy her and she continues with whatever she was doing.

Well, on Thursday morning I was feeding Efraim his lunch and we were just getting ready to go get Lily from preschool.  All of a sudden Cailyn jumped off the couch and shouted,”Mom, I’m big now!  I’m getting higher in the sky!”.

“You are big Cailyn” I replied.

“I think I’m big enough to go to school now!” she said with so much excitement my heart just dropped and I was a little sad for her.

I know this is just part of the transition and it will soon become normal, but right now it’s sad- and a little funny too.

Just a few minutes ago Cailyn came out of her room.  We had just put them to bed and Lily had already fallen asleep.  I picked Cailyn up, put her back in bed, and gave her a hug.  Then she asked, “Mommy, am I going to be 4 soon?”.

Poor girl…she won’t even be THREE till November!