Last week Filipe and I (along w/ the rest of the Youth Staff) went to the Drive Conference at North Point. It was incredible to say the least! Whenever I hear Andy Stanley speak I’m amazed at his wisdom and ability to apply Biblical truths to leadership & life principles. As I process the conference sessions, I thought I’d blog my way through it- I guess its more an accountability method for myself.

Session 1– Andy Stanley
“The church should be the BEST organization to work for.”

I love this thought! We should set the example in the business world. When you got money coming in and going out- it’s a business- maybe Kingdom business, but business none the less. If the church has staff and money, we should manage it with highest level of accountability and efficiency as possible. Outside businesses should come to us for tips on efficiency and success not vice versa. (OK, so this wasn’t actually the main part of session 1, he only talked about this for 5 minutes and my mind spun throughout the rest of it.)

The rest of the session was about trust and being trustworthy. The main points were…

TRUST- Commitments to make to our team members:
1. When there is a gap between what I expect & what I experience, I will fill it with trust.
2. When I observe someone filling a gap w/ suspicion, I will come to your defense.
3. If what I experience begins to erode my trust, I will come directly to you about it.

TRUSTWORTHY- Commitments to make:
1. I commit to do what I say I will do and when I don’t, I’ll tell you.
2. I commit to not over promise and under deliver. But, if it looks like that’s where things are headed, I’ll tell you.
3. If you confront me about the gaps I have created, I’ll tell you the truth.

“As leaders, we must learn to fear the consequences of concealment more than the transparency of a culture built around trust.”

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