Last Wednesday I wrote about how Saturdays are a big writing day for me. Well, in addition to Saturdays, the other way I accomplish my writing goals is by waking up before the sun comes up.

First you must know, I am not a morning person. Never have been. I used to relish in the fact that late nights were my most productive hours of the day. And while I still want to love late nights, my body doesn’t. At least not while I have three kids 5 and under that I’m responsible for the majority of the day. Most days by about nine o’clock my mind, body, and soul are done.

As much as I fought it, morning won fare and square.

I’m believing late nights will return one day, but that day is nowhere in the near future. So, I finally realized that if I want to pursue my dream while my kids are still young, then this is one solution that can realistically happen on a daily basis. I don’t have to worry about babysitters, school, etc. No one can meet with me or schedule things during that time. I have complete control over my schedule in these hours of the day.

My alarm goes off at 5:25.
Most days I get up.
Every day is hard.

I pile on some warm clothes in the dark, and say a thank you to God for getting me out of bed. I trudge downstairs for a mug and back up again to my office where I press “brew” on my Keurig . I spend the first 30-45 minutes with God- praying, reading Scripture, journaling, or whatever I feel is necessary to connect with God that morning.

Afterward I will usually work on a blog post, my writing schedule, and brainstorm ideas.

It’s not a big block of time considering I have to wake up my oldest at 7, and it’s go-go-go from then on. But, it’s some time, and it’s enough to keep me ahead of things. When I do get the large blocks of time, I can give my mind the freedom to just write.

Mornings are tough, but sacrificing my mornings is worth it.

For me anyway.

Are you a morning person? (If so I envy you!)


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