Not only was Easter a great celebration for our church, but for our family.  A couple weeks before Easter, I was thinking through things to do with the kids, and how we can celebrate this event together as a family.

The past couple years we poured so much into the church and community, I felt like we kinda missed the celebration for ourselves or as a family.  The week before Easter, Filipe and I talked about making the celebration of Easter a priority for us at home just as much as our church.  Filipe oversees the Hunt event on Saturday and the first impressions teams on Sunday morning- so needless to say, he’s in full work mode throughout those days.  I don’t want my kids’ only memories of Easter to be the time when dad is working non-stop for three days.

So, this year instead of getting stressed with all the details Filipe had to organize, I focused my time and energy here at home with my kids.  We made resurrection eggs and talked about the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, we baked homemade pretzels and gave them to our neighbors, we dyed eggs and baked goodies, and on Easter Sunday after all was said and done at South Bay, we celebrated with a big family meal.  Was it a lot of work?  You bet (I crawled into bed a 9pm that night!).  But it was worth it.  After all, Easter is what all of Christianity hinges on, and I couldn’t bring myself to miss out on celebrating it together as a family.