What an incredible weekend we had!  Here’s a quick  rundown of the stats & some pictures from the weekend.

Saturday (the day of our community-wide egg hunts):

  • 2 Egg Hunt Sites
  • 200+ volunteers
  • 5000+ people attending egg hunts
  • 22,000 Eggs

Sunday Services at South Bay Church:

  • 1099 people
  • 4 services
  • 50 + commitments to Jesus
  • 90 + first time guests (including kids)
  • 200+ kids at Baykids
  • 150 + volunteers

Waiting for the countdown!

At the 3-4 yr. old field (there were 3 more like this).  Wonder how long it will take for these eggs to disappear.

So excited they got eggs this year (& notice the color choice!).  The last two years they practically got trampled and walked out with no eggs.  This year it actually took a few minutes and got their baskets full!!!  Lily picked mostly pink eggs (w/ a few purple) while Cailyn only picked up purple eggs.  Guess you can be choosy when you’re not getting trampled by all the parents!

Archie did an incredible job creating an exciting and welcoming atmosphere.  Let’s just say it felt like the red carpet at a movie premier.  Pretty cool!

A packed 8:30am crowd.

My friend Amanda performed a dance during the reflection time near the end.  Brought tears to my eyes!  Absolutely beautiful.


Stay tuned for part 2 as I share how we as a family learned about Christ’s death, and celebrated his resurrection.