Well, I have been a little slack in posting pics from Easter, but every time I sit down to do it, I just can’t. Don’t know why. Just not very motivated…or maybe because I read (& finished!) The Shack this week. Next post will be a review of it.

Anyway, Easter was awesome! Being in the beginning stages of a church plant made Easter much more exciting in a different way this year. The main focus for us was the 2 services we held on Sunday morning- from inviting everyone we could think of to organizing enough volunteers to run the services.

We started off the weekend with a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt for the community. It was lots of fun and a great way for us to continue building relationships with those around us. From our best estimates- at least 2,000 people participated in the days events.
Sunday morning was just as incredible! We had 285 people in the 2 services combined- our highest attended Sunday to date. Following the services, we all crashed for a couple hours- so tired from the weekend! Filipe’s parents cooked dinner for us that evening and the girls opened Easter baskets with them. Planning & organizing the services is definitely a different experience rather than just the receiving end of it all. But it’s all so worth it to see God moving in our city.

Getting ready for the HUNT!
Lily & Cailyn waiting to get their eggs
(they each only got 1- & they had to fight the parents off for the 1 they got!!!)
Getting 2 girls to look at the camara at the same time (& smile!) is nearly impossible!

Take 22- still no good. Someone is always unhappy.


(Individually is much better!)


Cailyn- my bunny!

Family picture.

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