So  Efraim has develop a dry patch on the back of his head.  Pretty common, no big deal.  I’ve put lotion on it, and sometimes it goes away, then other time it gets more dry to the point it’s scabby.  Recently someone mentioned it looked like eczema so the next time I was at Target I got an eczema creme for it and thought that we would finally rid this thing for good.

This is what I bought…

If you can’t see it, it says “severe dry skin/eczema care”.

The day after I applied it, the area seemed worse than before.  So, I thought maybe it wasn’t eczema after all.

Efraim had his 9 month check-up this past Monday so while at the doctor I mentioned the eczema situation and pulled out what I bought to see what she thought and if it would help.  She confirmed that it was eczema and then turned the creme over and started reading the ingredients.

“Do you see this?” she said.
“Alcohol?” I responded.
“Uh huh” she said.

Enough said.  She then said the only ingredient necessary was the White Petrolatum (Vaseline) and noted that one of the other ingredients was helpful but not necessary.

Stepping up onto my soapbox….now….

Here’s a question?
Should a company exist to just make money or to solve a problem and/or serve the customer?

I’m no expert when it comes to skin conditions, but doesn’t alcohol have a drying effect?  And if dry skin is the problem, why would the company put an ingredient in a product that would prolong or extend the condition?   A company that is supposed to be an expert in the field would know better right?!  Unless they aren’t trying to solve a problem at all, but trying to keep the customers coming back for more to make more money off of them.  It’s hard to assume otherwise.  I forked over $8 cause I figured they were the “expert”.

Does integrity mean anything anymore?  If you’re out to solve a problem, then solve the problem- don’t just make it appear like you can.

In the meantime, I bought a $1.47 bottle of Petroleum Jelly that seems to be working much better.