I’m continuing the oneness discussion over at Applegate Summers today…(thanks Jenn for allowing me to take over your blog on Mondays). If you missed last weeks post on what the “Oneness Experience” is about, you can read all about it here.


Oneness in marriage is a pretty incredible thing. Paul referred to it as “a mystery” in Ephesians 5. To fully grasp or understand it all is difficult, but when we begin to evaluate the different areas of our marriage, it helps us to see how we are doing.

Maybe this is why this oneness concept was so revolutionary for me. My husband and I may have spiritual oneness, sharing many of the same values, but if we don’t know how to communicate effectively, then there’s some work to do. If we can’t share with each other what’s really going on inside, then how are we really doing at being “one”?

It’s easy to stay focused on what is going well, but in marriage, if we fail to work on our growth areas, we may unknowingly create a rift in our relationship. And unfortunately, it won’t just magically come back together. The more we ignore it, the wider it gets, and the wider it gets, the harder it is to bring back into alignment.

So today I want to talk about emotional oneness. This is a difficult one because it forces us to be vulnerable, and I don’t know about you, but vulnerability is a tough one. It’s one I’m learning a lot about lately and realizing the power of it in marriage.

Let me start by asking you a few questions to get you thinking about your own marriage:

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