I’ve been feeling a little discouraged lately- not too sure why. Maybe just an emotional thing mixed in with the pressures of motherhood. Whenever I’m in the midst of a season like this I try to figure out what God is trying to teach me or where He is trying to take me. It’s as if spiritual growth is close behind. In the midst of it, I see God so clearly. Looking back over the last 3 weeks or so I see how God is moving in my life to remind me of Him and to guide me (or push me) in a new direction. Here is how it has been playing out for me.

Week 1. Joy
No not the fruit of the Spirit. But, a young woman named Joy. She came with a mission team here to our church to help us prepare for Easter weekend. Joy is an incredible women of God with an amazing testimony and so passionate about Jesus. Talking to her about it is like talking to a girl who has just married the love of her life- she is ecstatic about their relationship! She shared her testimony at my small group that week and I was so challenged by her. Challenged to be closer and more intimate with God. When she spoke I could sense the Holy Spirit being in every word that came from her mouth. After being with her I felt as if I was with Jesus.

Week 2. The Shack by WM. Paul Young
I started reading The Shack the first week of this month but had to set it down for a little while. I just wasn’t ready to keep reading- I felt a little paralyzed by it. Easter Sunday I picked up the book again and read almost continuously till it was done. For me, the book was incredible. It gave me such a desire to be with Jesus and know God more, and personally anything that prompts that desire is a good thing!

Week 3. Catalyst West
Today we just returned from the Catalyst West conference and WoW is the best word for it! For me, it was what my spirit needed. Within minutes of walking in to the worship I was sobbing before God. It felt so freeing to be broken before God, to cry out to Him in the ways I had been desiring. A worship setting like that is so meaningful for me. Just being in the presence of other Christian leaders is so refreshing. I felt united with the Body of Christ- like we’re all in this together. Along with the worship, the speakers brought the Word! They challenged and inspired like crazy. The best part of it is that God was worshiped and honored. I believe His Kingdom with be expanded because of it.

It seems like God has been taking me on this journey of desiring Him to finding Him in a whole new way and at a whole new level. I love that we can encounter God in so many different ways just so we can learn more about Him. I’m excited to see where he continues to guide me.

How have you encountered God lately?

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