We all go through pain. Some physical, some emotional, some relational. This week I will be sharing about a recent experience I had with pain and what I learned through it. Please know that whatever pain may be experiencing, I’m sorry. I probably don’t understand, and I am in no way trying to level pain to the same playing field- it’s all different, requiring different responses and courses of action.I simply want to share my story so that you will be encouraged and so that you will find hope in our Healer, Jesus Christ.

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I awoke the next morning, Thursday, at 5:30am with even more pain. Uh-oh, this isn’t good. I emailed the chiropractor, told her the pain was worse, and asked if I could come back that afternoon. I took more Ibuprofen (4 mind you!), but this time it didn’t do anything. Nothing.

Filipe worked from home that day; he didn’t want me to pick up any of the kids.

By the time I went back to the chiropractor later that afternoon a red blotchy area had appeared on my back shoulder area (where the pain was). It looked like an irritation or something. I’ve never been allergic to anything before so I didn’t know where it was coming from. The chiropractor looked at it, adjusted me again, and reminded me that it would take time. She also told me to ice it frequently.

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I reminded myself again to be patient. Just because it came on quickly doesn’t mean it would go away quickly. I knew I just needed to relax about it. I told the chiropractor I would try and wait until Monday to come back again as the phrase, patiently endure, continued to echo in my mind.

The chiropractor suggested a few vitamins, so I jumped at the advice. I headed over to Target while Filipe took the kids out to buy some new pillows for us. We were doing everything we could think of to “fix” the situation. While walking through Target in search of vitamins, I noticed my neck felt much better after that appointment. At least that’s good.

I kept trying to figure out what could have caused the pain in the first place. I didn’t want this to return, so it was important to get to the root of what caused it. Was it poor posture while writing for long periods of time? Picking one of the kids up wrong? Poor sleep positioning? Maybe all three?

I also had convinced myself that by sleeping right a couple of nights, with good pillows, and taking vitamins like a good girl, the pain would be gone by the weekend.

Not so much.

By Saturday, the back pain decreased slightly, but the red blotchiness developed into a full blown rash on my back/upper chest area where the pain had occurred. I felt like I was on fire. The pain from the rash now masked the back pain. If it was there, I didn’t notice. The rash looked like an allergic reaction. Sunday morning I went out in search of some Benedryl.

Okay, this is getting weird.

One of two things could have caused an allergic reaction- one of the creams the chiropractor used, or the round-the-clock ice packs. But the cream was an all-natural product, and ice? Really?

Sunday was the worst day and, of couse, the hardest day to find a doctor not to mention the busiest day for our family. By the afternoon I was in bed with a fever and in excruciating pain. How bad? Well, let’s just say it ranked right up there with natural childbirth.

Patiently endure, I reminded myself, Patiently endure.

We called our primary doctor to get some advice over the phone. I really did not want to go to the emergency room, and considering my breathing was normal, I wanted to hold out until the morning. Based on thinking it was an allergic reaction, the doctor told Filipe three different meds to get over-the-counter. So at 10pm, he went out to get them. Surely these would help and all would be well by morning.

Patiently endure. 

To add more to the situation, Filipe was scheduled to travel Monday & Tuesday. He kept asking throughout the weekend if I wanted him to stay back. I kept saying, “No, I just need (fill-in-the-blank-with-solution)”. I did get a little scared that evening, but after talking with the doctor, I felt confident that I could get the situation under control by mid-day the next day. I told Filipe not to stay back because of me. “Go and don’t worry”, I told him. Between family and friends, I knew I would be okay. It was only two days.

Filipe left around 5am the next morning.


Check back tomorrow for part 3 of this story.

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