“I can’t wait until the day…” 

This is a phrase that used to come out of my mouth constantly.   

Early on in our marriage, Filipe used to tell me to stop focusing on the future so much.  He was right- I would get so caught up in the future that my focus was on things that hadn’t yet happened.  As a result, I wasn’t able to enjoy what was going on around me cause I would keep thinking about the next big thing.  

Now, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and planning for the future, but we can get so focused on the future that we don’t enjoy what is going on right now.  Before you know it five or ten years have gone by and you look back and feel like you missed out.  Probably because you did. 

A few weeks ago, Filipe reminded me of how I used to be so “future focused”.  I was so happy he noticed- it’s something that I have worked hard on over the years.  Then it got me thinking about what I did to change it.  I think one word sums it up- motherhood. 

I remember a dear friend (who had older children) telling me before we had kids to enjoy every season because they go by so fast and you don’t want to miss out.  I really took that to heart, and have made that a constant focus as a mom.  I recognize that each season in my kid’s life has pros and cons, but overall, it goes by so fast.  I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I missed their lives because I was so busy anticipating the next big milestone. 

My current season is one of complete exhaustion.  With a 10 day old newborn, sleep only comes in about a 2 or 3 hour stretch.  But, honestly, I’m actually enjoying it!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep and will be thankful for its return.  But I also know that this is a very short season in my baby’s life and I want to enjoy every minute of it.  Instead of focusing on what I’m missing out on or when he will sleep through the night, I want to enjoy him in each stage of life.  I know looking back it’s one thing I won’t regret!

Sometimes I wish they could just stay this way.

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